Faros Christian Fellowship


The philosophy of the Faros Christian Fellowship is:
1) The church belongs to God
2) The ministry of the church belongs to all the people of the church

We encourage you to discover more about who we are through our Statement of Faith, which is a modified version of the Vineyard Statement of Faith.

Positional papers

In order for people to be able to understand where we stand on some important  issues that are not adequately explained in our Statement of Faith, we also have some positional papers.


Homosexuality - supplemented by the Nashville Statement, which also deals with gender identity issues.

Which translations of the Bible do we recommend?

We do not have a positional paper on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. 
However, we affirm the Danvers Statement

The Nashville Statement, Danvers Statement, plus other documents, are also available at https://cbmw.org/
You can also sign the Nashville Statement for yourself on that site.